Riptide Scientific Officer Addresses International Biotechnology and Research Conference

April 26, 2018

ROME, ITALY – Riptide Executive Vice President Dr. Henry Lopez gave today’s keynote address to the “Biotech 2018” International Biotechnology and Research Conference.

The Biotech 2018 conference is hosted by a collaboration among the DGFI (German Society for Immunology), the University of Siena, the Swiss Biotechnology Association, and Madridge International Conferences. The conference highlights the year’s major developments in immunology and therapeutic biologics, among other key topics in medical research.

Dr. Lopez’ address was entitled “The Role of Macrophages in the Tumor Extracellular Matrix Microenvironment,” and summarized the evolving understanding of macrophages in the progress of cancer.

Dr. Lopez noted, “Macrophages are now known to be a key element of the tumor microenvironment, strongly influencing the activity of other immune cell types such as T, NK, and B cells. The macrophage phenotype is remarkably plastic and is exploited by tumor cells to express growth factors and fibrosis-inducing cytokines, accelerating tumor development.”

Lopez continued, “But the same plasticity makes macrophages subject to repolarization by targeted therapies that are just now reaching clinical evaluation. These render the tissue environment tumor-inhibiting, rather than tumor-promoting. We now see a real opportunity to materially retard tumor growth and improve survival in a number of important cancer types.”

This and other immune-oncology research programs were further addressed in individual sessions and discussion groups at the Biotech 2018 event.

Riptide Bioscience, Inc., with laboratories in Vallejo, California, maintains an intensive program of research into peptide-based therapeutics. Contact:

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