Next-generation peptide therapeutics

Riptide Bioscience is developing medicines with lifesaving potential, using strategies common to almost all organisms. Like most plants and animals, the human body uses small proteins called "Host Defense Peptides" (HDPs) to defend against microbial invasion, particularly for wounds or burns which would otherwise quickly be colonized by hostile bacteria.

As a further line of defense, inflammatory processes bring immune cells to the affected tissue. When their work is done, certain HDPs moderate the inflammation and restore the normal tissue balance.

Riptide's biochemists have identified the key structures of naturally occurring HDPs and used proprietary, patented or patent-pending methods to design peptides with many times the efficacy of the natural compounds. These engineered peptides are a powerful weapon to fight infection in acute disease, and to moderate dangerous inflammation in chronic disease.

Over the last seven years, Riptide Bioscience has developed striking evidence supporting its engineered peptide therapeutics – through teaming agreements with academic researchers, as well as grant programs and independent research administered by the Department of Defense, National Cancer Institute, and National Eye Institute. We welcome partnerships with pharmaceutical companies interested in the potential of our proprietary drug candidates.